Medical Acupuncture Dry Needling Balance

What is Medical Acupuncture?

**Please note that medical acupuncture is temporarily unavailable at Balanced Osteopathy**

Medical Acupuncture, also known as dry needling, is used for the treatment of muscular or myofascial pain. The technique involves specific insertion of filiform sterile single use needles to cause stimulation of a muscle. The needles stimulate neurophysiological mechanisms and causes reflex relaxation of muscles.


Overactive muscles, trigger points and muscle pain respond well to dry needling. Medical Acupuncture is useful to target concerns such as muscle pain, muscle trigger points, joint pain, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and headaches.




What is the difference between Western Medical Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Acupuncture?

Traditional Chinese acupuncture is administered to restore the flow of Qi, an energy that flows through your body in Chinese medicine. Western medical acupuncture is evidence-based and administered to muscles to reduce pain and tightness, it is only administered after a full diagnosis.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), which administers guidance to both NHS and private healthcare professionals, recognises that Medical Acupuncture works and has an evidence base. Currently NICE recommends acupuncture to assist in the treatment and/or management of migraine, tension headaches and lower back pain.