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Virtual Gait Analysis at Balanced Osteopathy

Virtual Gait & Biomechanical Analysis

If you've been struggling with a niggle or injury that is interfering with your running, or you get recurrent injuries from run training, our virtual gait and biomechanical analysis service is for you.


How does it work?

It starts with you booking in a 45 minute video consultation, you will then be sent an email providing instructions on how to provide us with video footage of you running. This can be either outside, or on a treadmill. Once we receive your footage, we analyse the video, looking at different aspects of your gait that may be contributing to your injury. During your 45 minute video consultation we will share with you our gait analysis findings, and combine this with a biomechanical assessment over video. We will then give you gait retraining advice (running cues) and send you various stretches and strength exercises to help work towards you running pain free.

What can a gait and biomechanical assessment appointment help with?

There are multiple typical running injuries that we know from research can be assisted with changes to running technique and strength exercises. Examples include: medial tibial stress syndrome, ITB syndrome, achilles tendinopathy, hamstring tendinopathy or recurrent hamstring strains, gluteal tendinopathy, patellofemoral pain syndrome "runners knee".

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