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Exercise rehabilitation for runners at Balanced Osteopathy London

Video Consultations

Access your osteopath remotely via video consultation, also known as telehealth. What's included within a typical consultation?


Biomechanical assessment, testing and diagnosis

Identification of factors that are maintaining and aggravating your pain

Guidance through self treatment exercises and techniques

Exercise rehabilitation plan sent to you following your consultation

Email support following your consultation when needed


What sorts of injuries can be helped with video consultation?

Fortunately, most musculoskeletal injuries respond well to a progressive exercise rehabilitation protocol that is specific to your body, your injury and how you use your body in your daily life. Patients can be consulted via video for a number of conditions, such as:

  • Back pain - acute and chronic

  • Neck pain and headaches related to neck problems

  • Pain related to postural changes in pregnancy

  • Sports injuries

  • Running Injuries such as tendinopathies, knee pain, shin splints (MTSS)
  • Post-operative rehabilitation
  • Sciatica

How does it work?

Upon booking your consultation, you'll receive an email from us with a link to visit at the time of your session, simply click the link to connect with your osteopath. We recommend that you wear comfortable clothing that allows you to show your osteopath where the pain is, such as shorts, strappy top, sports bra or loose t-shirt. You will want to find a space where you can speak with your osteopath privately, and a space that you can move around in to be able to do movements for assessment and exercises.

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