Headaches and TMJ

Osteopaths can treat headaches that arise from the neck, also known as cervicogenic headaches; help you with migraine prevention and with joint pain such as temporomandibular dysfunction (TMD). We help these conditions by addressing restrictions in joint ranges of motion, relieving muscle pain and tightness and giving you rehabilitative exercise and advice to help you with your symptoms.

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Headaches and TMJ Blog Posts

March 23, 2020

Today's blog post is for all of you that are currently working from home due to self isolating and social distancing during the coronavirus/ covid 19 pandemic. I'll be going over some strength exercises going forward but right now, let's focus on a few simple exercises you can do to help with shoulders, neck or upper back tension you may be feeling from working at an unusual set up at home.

1) Anterior scalenes stretch - the sc...

December 9, 2015


The festive period for many is often a cocktail of too much mulled wine and not enough water.. late nights and a flagging exercise routine, followed by a few nights sleeping on your mate's floor or in an unfamiliar bed (i don't need to know the details). I think some of these things are just inevitable over Christmas and although I advocate a healthy lifestyle, I'm also realistic and think it's good for the soul to let your h...

January 24, 2015



Why do we get headaches from sitting at the computer?


Headaches often result from poor posture at your work station - rounded shoulders, short and tight muscles at the base of the skull and a jammed upper back.. sound familiar?


Osteopaths call this 'upper-crossed syndrome' and it describes a pattern where the muscles at the front of the chest get short and tight; the muscles of the upper back get weak and lengthened.. the kn...

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