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Back Pain and Neck Pain

Osteopaths frequently see patients with back pain and neck pain, as musculoskeletal specialists. Our team can treat general, acute and chronic back pain; mechanical neck pain (not pain associated with whiplash) and neuralgia such as sciatica - we do this through combinations of manual therapy techniques, exercise rehabilitation, pain and postural advice. If your symptoms require further investigation, we can refer you to your GP for imaging such as x-ray and MRI. 

A few examples of back and neck problems that our team frequently examine and work with in clinic include:


Disc pathologies (e.g. disc bulge)

Degenerative disc disease

Facet joint syndrome




Nerve root impingement/ irritation

If you have back pain or neck pain and would like to see one of the team, click the booking link below.

Back pain and Neck pain blog posts

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