Joint Pain

Osteopaths are musculoskeletal specialists who can assess your joint pain to give you a diagnosis, treatment and a management plan to get you back to your best as soon as possible. Our team frequently work with joint problems and osteopaths can treat the following conditions:

Arthritic pain

Sports injuries

Frozen shoulders

Tennis/ Golfers elbow

Rheumatic Pain

Whether you are struggling with shoulder pain, ankle pain or hip pain, our team can help you.

To see one of our team of osteopaths regarding your joint pain, click the booking link below.

Joint Pain Blog Posts

Take a look at our joint pain blog posts below, written by the team at Balanced Osteopathy.

March 26, 2019

Tendinopathy affects approximately 30% of runners and involves a combination of pain, swelling and decreased performance (Li & Hua 2016). Most commonly affected

August 5, 2015

Second only to lower back pain, knee pain is probably the thing I see and treat most often. Both acute and chronic knee problems can be quite debilitating and so often stop us from doing the activities we love.. running, cycling, yoga etc

The knee is quite a complex joint, and due to its position it is highly influenced by what's occurring at the hip and the foot/ankle. When the hip stabilisers aren't doing their job properly...

March 3, 2015


Almost every day I speak to at least one patient about using their glutes correctly! Lets get this clear, I am not an expert on how to achieve the J-Lo derriere or balance a champagne glass on your rear end #breaktheinternet - what I do know is how important these muscles are at keeping your pelvis stable and how often they are implicated in lower limb injuries such as


  • hip pain

  • lower back pain

  • medial knee pain

  • ...
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