Unleash your inner six pack..

In Shape

Hands up who thought your core was just the six pack muscles?

Surprise surprise, this is actually not true! Your core is made up of many layers of muscles which, when they're all working well, support your lower back. Two major contributors to lower back pain are lack of co-ordination of the muscles surrounding the spine, and poor core strength. It's frequently seen in those of us with chronic lower back issues, that the deeper muscular layers that support the spine are inhibited i.e. they switch off. And ladies who have delivered beautiful babies by c-section? Your abdominal muscles have been seriously compromised in the process, a necessary sacrifice, but you can be damn sure its wreaking havoc on your lower back and pelvis - ouch!

So, if the muscles aren't working particularly well at the moment, or if you're looking to protect your back by waking up your core then you've come to the right place!

Heres a little guide on how to find your abdominals (no google maps needed) and kick them into gear!


Image courtesy of https://kineticphysiotherapy.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/manage_abs5.jpg

Finding your abdominals

You cannot strengthen a muscle that your brain doesn't know how to switch on, so I'm going to explain how to activate the deeper muscles of the core.

Switching on your transversus abdominus: Lie on your back with your knees bent and place your fingertips about 1-2cm inwards (closer to the midline) from the two bony bits at the front of your pelvis. Now press deeply, so that you can feel the muscles trying to contract when you use them in a minute. Take a nice breath in, and then