Sports & Remedial Massage is here!

February 13, 2015


Yes that's right - Balanced Osteopathy are expanding their services! You can now book for a 30 minute or hour long sports massage with Rebecca.


Arrive in a calming, professional environment, away from the hustle and bustle of Farringdon Road. You'll start with a quick chat about any particular areas you require treatment to be focused on - perhaps you're stiff from the office chair, or maybe you're preparing for a big event like the London Marathon? Sports Massage isn't just for sports people, it actually suits anybody looking for a more firm style of deep tissue massage to work away at those problematic areas of tension.


You'll be made comfortable with pillows and towels for you to relax fully during your massage treatment. Techniques such as efflourage, petrissage, kneading, muscle energy techniques, trigger point releases and soft tissue releases will be used to reduce areas of tightness and tension. What does Sports Massage help with?


  • Injury prevention - by relieving muscle tightness and elongating shortened overworked muscles, sports massage goes a long way to preventing many injuries that could stop your training in its tracks

  • Pre-event and post-event massage - Many athletes swear by Sports Massage and for good reason! Massage is helpful on the build up to a big event to make sure youre in top form and ready for the day, and is used by many after the big event, to soothe aching muscles and promote faster recovery

  • Improves circulation - Better circulation means better delivery of oxygen and nutrients to surrounding cells and tissues

  • Scar tissue - repeated deep tissue work can help break down adhesions of old muscle strains that might still be holding you back - including that darned hamstring strain..

  • Relaxation - give yourself some much needed TLC and enjoy a relaxing but effective treatment

  • Rehabilitation - Sports massage helps to rehab injuries you're currently working with that might be influencing your training


On top of this, as your therapist is a qualified Osteopath, you can benefit from the knowledge and experience she has of working with specific injuries. Rebecca will provide you with stretches and strengthening exercises to help rehab pains/injuries and prevent them from coming back!


For those of you who are active and are working towards a big race or competition, be aware that one massage immediately before an event might not cut it as the beneficial effects are cumulative - increasing with repeated treatment.


If you're interested in booking a massage, or want to find out more - click here.


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