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Patient Hub

Welcome to our patient hub - this is the home of our blog, and we are looking to build up this section of our site to give everyone access to good quality advice from our team of osteos. Our latest posts are below, but you can find blog posts on all sorts of topics using the menu bar above.

Recent Posts

December 9, 2015


The festive period for many is often a cocktail of too much mulled wine and not enough water.. late nights and a flagging exercise routine, followed by a few nights sleeping on your mate's floor or in an unfamiliar bed (i don't need to know the details). I think some...

November 1, 2015

Do you have shoulder pain? Maybe it's a pain that has persisted for a long time, or a pain that's been stubborn and comes back as soon as you try to get back to sport from resting it for weeks? To understand how to properly rehab a shoulder or come back from injury, we...

January 24, 2015



Why do we get headaches from sitting at the computer?


Headaches often result from poor posture at your work station - rounded shoulders, short and tight muscles at the base of the skull and a jammed upper back.. sound familiar?


Osteopaths call this 'upper-crossed syn...

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