Postnatal health and return to sport

What is a Mummy MOT?

A Mummy MOT® is a specialist postnatal examination for women, following both vaginal and C-section deliveries. The consultation involves an assessment of your posture, pelvic floor muscles and abdominal muscles to see how they are recovering after birth, as well as screening for any bowel, bladder or sexual dysfunction. Your Mummy MOT® practitioner will provide you clinical postnatal care, including functional exercises and treatment to help with your recovery. The Mummy MOT® is appropriate for any woman who has given birth and is still suffering, no matter how long ago.

I don't have any pain, is a Mummy MOT still useful for me?

A mummy MOT is a postnatal check, you do not have to have pain to have a session, you may for example, want to find out how well recovered your diastasis recti or pelvic floor is with the aim of getting back to exercise. 

What happens during and after an appointment?

Your practitioner will begin the consultation with going through any concerns you have, and then ask questions surrounding your obstetric history and current health, screening for various conditions or issues. Next will be a physical examination of the abdominals, breathing mechanics, posture, pelvic floor and functional movement patterns. A mummy MOT session typically involves an internal pelvic floor exam however you can choose to not have this if you would prefer not to, a consent form will be sent to you in advance. You will then be given specific advice and exercises to follow to help you meet your goals and improve any notable dysfunctions that may be contributing to symptoms you have. You will be sent a summary of any advice you are given after your appointment to assist you.

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